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Yelp's review  " Help us Save OUr YELP"

"A one-star review on Yelp is more often a pleading rant than it is a useful review." 

Before visiting Yelp... Reach out to us in our customer relation form below and lets us try to help. 



Panache Bridal Would like to reach out to its consumers and remind them they we need your help to keep our reputation in the best and greatest esteem. We are sadden by the reviews that customers leave for us some times. We work very hard at helping every bride and their loved ones feel as if they are accepted and comfortable while shopping with us.

The reason the we are reaching out to our customers... Is well because our customers *that's you* read our reviews. Some of the reviews that are left by our customers that are unhappy are not always so truthful and are at times one sided. We also understand that sometime over spending and adjustments to budgets need to be made. Along with at time but not so often offering adjustment to a strict sales contract for extenuating circumstance.

The Extenuation of the circumstance is always discussed with the owners of the Panache Bridal Company,you might ask why? Well because it is their company. The staff members are working at the task and the model set for them, and even if wanting to adjust a price or contract must always ask first. Even a refund must be given the proper approval, is a process. We want to say that not every customer that leaves a review is leaving all the facts.

We do have a contract and upon signature of it is a promise to pay for the item or items listed with in its contract. To add, our company does not provided or guaranteed arrival time for delivered parcels, and if received, and completed with in the wearing date listed with in that contract are with-in the liable responsibility of our contract and are not at a circumstance to offer free services or products.

There are at time Delays in shipping, lost parcels, or the most common delays in manufacturing. Some of the luxury designer gowns are made to order, needing and requiring 300-700 hours for completion. It is always advised to begin your shopping early Customized wedding dress will take longer in production and will need more time. 

Budgets.... Budgets are such a sensitive topic and are never judged, you are the one shopping and what you want to spend is of your business. We only ask so that we can work with you. So... Some times we see something that we cant live with out, and it is out of the budget. We try it any way and knowing it may be just to much, Some times we purchase it any way.

Please remember that our salon and staff are not responsible for the transactions made by you as a consumer and that your spending is at a discretion of your own. If you find a gown that is over budget we will always do our best to meet the expectation with other options and items that are inside what is comfortable. Sharing with the public community that your budget was exceeded and that your heart broken over a dress that you don't want to buy is not a reason to destroy a business or the staff trying to help. We want you to be happy too. An believe this are paying closer attention you as a customer then you think. We come into the same doors you do every day because we are excited to help you walk down the aisle too. We want you to be the happiest bride on your wedding day. 

For example: Say you make a large purchase and the next day realize that it may be too much we will always work with every customers to make sure that every party leaves happy. Sometimes not hearing the answer that you want like "we will need to get approval from the owner please give a few days" promotes a little upset feelings at first, and before you now it there is a terrible and emotional review left with not so nice comments. We ask that before going out to social media site and leaving emotion reviews, to let us get the approval needed for such adjustments. 

Dynamics: We also understand that some time the group dynamic is a powerful influence and as staff are doing our best to remain tactful and with in bearing. We can not know every customer before you walk into the door and are trying our best to get it right for you in the short amount of time that we have together. 

The owner of the PANACHE BRIDAL COMPANY cares a lot about the investment they have made over the years and is only here for the customers. Well and Love for the Bridal industry, and it's fashion couture culture. All of our stylist are enthused over the industry as well and can they tell you almost anything and everything about any given designer in our store at any given time. Help us keep our reputation up, positive and motivated. We want to climb back to the top of our rating.

Thank You The Panache Bridal Team 


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