Should I wait to buy?

Wedding dress shopping is an exciting process and time in every brides life an there families lives. Bringing a wedding gown to its completion is a patience process. When shopping it is important to know that any “new order” wedding gown can take from up to six months thru to nine months for production, that is completion out-side of “rush orders” in which fee’s are required by the manufacturers to complete and ship on short notice. Timing is every thing.

Brides Shopping with less then six months to there wedding date are encouraged to purchase off the rack. This term is sometimes scary but, can say that our Panache Bridals Stores carry the largest collection of new stock gowns. Our stores receive up to thirty an fifty brand new gowns a month. Keeping our inventory fresh for our incoming brides. Our stylist often will recommend a new stock gown that best fits your style. Sometimes finding gowns that are close to your size an not needing extensive alterations.

Our Panache Bridals Stores have large show rooms full of fantasy couture dream dress that every bride has been dreaming of. Always ask about our stock options when shopping with us.

We recommend shopping for your wedding gown one full year in-advanced. This included making your purchase with still the year remaining. This will allow for the six to nine months for the gown to be produced, then allowing for shipping (two to six weeks depending on the country in which your gown ships from.) Finally an alteration process taking any where from six to eight weeks to complete.

When you find the one, Seal the deal and get that dream dress on it’s way to walk down the aisle in. Congratulations!

Where should I set My Budget?

Our Panache Brides always share the stories of driving passed our boutiques, seeing the beautiful windows and saying to them self that one day they will get there dress from one our stores. Wedding dress shopping is a beautiful time and the atmosphere in which you shop in should be beautiful too.

It is important shopping with a store that you are comfortable with, feel beautiful in, and provides you a stress free shopping experience.

Budgets are always respected by our staff with-in our panache bridals stores. And setting your budget is great base to set your spending at. In our Panache Bridals stores we carry a price range of 1500.00 - 15,000.00 on new order gowns. Offering stock gowns at discounted pricing. (ask your bridal stylist about these special deals).

Brides to be while searching the internet for that perfect gown, often find that there are no prices…. Generally any bride shopping the Internet, Instagram and Pintrest styles, can find there dream dress starting in a range of 2000.00 and up to 15,000.00.

Set a budget that is comfortable and agreeable with the styles you envision for your day.


Our Panache Bridals Stores do require a 60% down payment when placing a new order on a wedding style gown. Our Panache stores like working with every customer and can help with deposit amounts and payments if needed.

Alterations: Alterations are a separate fee. And are not included in the price of a wedding gown purchase. Every Wedding dress requires alterations. Some alterations are more extensive depending of the brides needs. Or customized requests. There are some opportunities to have your alterations completed in house at no charge depending on the designer and sale incentives. Every Panache Store is different and the on going sales incentive vary between stores. Check with the retail location of your choice for these special deals.

Alteration Customization will most often require additional fabrics and lace which can be purchased through our bridals salon and are additional fees. Ask your bridal stylist what these cost can be, our in house alterations experts can also provided insight to available alterations and customization that can be made.

Bridal sizing is always a fun process, and let me explain this in the most humors way. Bridals Sizing does not and will not match our modern day clothing sizes. Every bridal designer categorizes their patterns at different sizing. Some starting at a double zero (00) and some starting at a four (4), hence the size four being the bridal designers smallest size and often fitting sizes zero or size two brides. Our stylist are trained in measuring you accurately too help you find the styles size that will best fit you. If you wear a size four, try a size eight wedding dress or if you are a size eight try, a size twelve wedding dress. Your stylist will also explain that ordering the size you measure into vs the size that fits during the try on fitting is important. The gown you are trying at the time of your appointment has been tried on before and often has been stretched out over the course of it use. Not to worry any dress can be taken down in size and is always safest to adjust down over going with a smaller size then measuring into.

I love this process with my brides because it always seem to be that point or moment in our new friendship that give us a little giggle. A Common place to meet and understand each other as women, stylist , and advisers.

We Look forward to seeing you soon. Become the most beautiful bride with us at Panache Bridals.