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Thank You and Congratulations! To All Our Brides, We Love When We Hear From Our Brides, The Stories And Memories Shared With Us Are Why We Are Here. Tell Us What You Love About Panache Bridal in the Form Below.
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A very special thanks to Our Panache Customers for making us who we are.


Customer Testimonials 

Sandra Lomeli 
How Did you hear about us:  "Every One Knows About Panache! "

 Amber Perze                                                    " Panache Bridal Pasadena was amazing! Great experience + great selection of dresses! "

Tiffani  Fan                                                      " The Panache Pasadena was Great! The Stores Staff was friendly and attentive, would                                                                                     defiantly recommend to every bride!"

Kristen Felthousen                                                 " Wonderful Experience ! Expert Alteration, absolutely recommend with out hesitation."

Christy Barnes                                                         " Wonderful experience! very knowledgeable and friendly! Very helpful as well!"                                                                                                                                              *would recommend*

Rachel Kapp                                                                " Amazing customer service-great attention to detail, receptive to clients needs"

Cecilia Garcia                                                               " I cam in as a walk in and received great care, they assisted me in trying on gowns,                                                                                                                            making sure my in-put was given and working with that"

Diana Cheng                                                                  " so informative! this was my third dress fitting and by far the best! i went with the                                                                                                               first dress they pulled for me so that just shows how much they know"

Susan Salloum                                                                   " Best helpers ever. The Panache in Pasadena was great! The Bridal team here                                                                                                                                         really listens and makes sure that you find the one!"

Elena Tutle                                                                          " Very Friendly and listened very well to my preferences. They also had a large                                                                                                                                                                                              selection!"

Diana Bekerian                                                     " By far Amazing! Erika is The Most Patient person over the phone & in Person. I love                                                                                                                                                                                                    You!"

 Rachel Kapp                                                                " Love Cecy - put ease at our concerns and asnswered all out questions"

Holly Kenien                                                                           "excellent service, beautiful shop! Friendly sales staff. I will Always recommend                                                                                                      Panache to brides-to-be!"

 Stephanie Lilly                                                                            "Briannah is the absolute best! her attention detail & customer service is                                                                                                              unparalleled! couldn't be happier!"

Shelia Pate                                                                                     "all of the stylist have been so helpful, encouraging and have made this an                                                                                                               easy and beautiful experience."

Lindsay Wright                                                                                                   "I had the best stylist ever! the manager is awesome!"

Megan Arce                                                                                       "Alysia was amazing! she was so patient kind and helpful. I appreciate                                                                                                                 how knowledgeable and helpful she was. Thank you!"

 Tanya Hoffman                                                                    "Great experience! she was very helpful & knowledgeable about styles awesome                                                                                                                          job(Lynn)."

Panache Bridal Home PANACHE BRIDAL