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There has never been an era of weddings that is more distinguished than that of the present day. No longer just a traditional ceremony and reception, weddings have seen an emphasis on an experience that is anything but cookie cutter. The modern day bride has elevated the convention of what we used to know about such a celebration, incorporating more personal touches, creative elements, and even a dash of nostalgia, than ever before. The procession of the affair tells an immersive love story; one that invites guests to revel in an occasion that will too be one of the most special days of their lives.


Having devoted my days to everything bridal, a common question I encounter is, “So what’s trending in weddings right now?” The truth is, I believe wedding trends have become a figment of the past. Weddings have shifted to a timeless territory, where each and every occasion is as original and matchless as the couple it celebrates. Just like no two snowflakes are exactly alike, the wedding day mirrors the distinctive bond that led two lives to come together in adoration and devotion. Loved ones are invited to partake in a narrative detail of this divine union, truly absorbing a passion and tenderness that is impossible to replicate. The wedding day experience encapsulates a collective identity, inspired by the moments that led you there. For Sophisticated Weddings, it has always been our main objective to present the places, people, and products that infuse formative expertise and creativity, where the sky is the limit in carrying out your vision.


In the spirit of rekindled memories, our cover this year features none other than the exquisite Ziegfeld Ballroom. Once standing as the historic Ziegfeld Theatre, this iconic space is majestically adorned with art deco detail, honoring a rich New York tradition as it enters a new era of magic in the making. Get a first look of this premier space and glamorous fashion with its inaugural editorial debut in The Legend Lives On.


In 2018, we’re looking on the bright side. You can plan with precision, but you can’t control the weather. Find beauty in the unexpected in Sometimes It Rains, and see why a little precipitation can even be a good thing. In Highlights, have a peek at some favorite awe-inspiring captures as real New York brides and grooms share memorable details of their big day.


We’ve got all the great venues New York City has to offer inside, but we also know that sometimes you just want to get away, without going too far. Explore more than a dozen of the finest venues just outside the city in Urban Departure, where the best things the city just can’t offer are within reach.


Take a spiritual journey with your soul mate, and find your place in this world with Wanderlust. In my personal quest to bestow an authentic and worldly experience, our destination section takes you around the world for your travel bucket list musts. Embark a tour through Thailand, uncover the best of Copenhagen, and live like a local in the Bahamas. Whichever continent you land on, adventure, luxury, and wonder await.


For up-to-the-minute inspiration, be sure to check out, where you will find invaluable planning resources in The Checklist, Events Calendar, Lifestyle Blog, Runway fashion content, and more. Connect with us on social media, and drop us a note. It has been my divine pleasure since the inception of Sophisticated Weddings to hear from our readers. Whether you’re looking for direction, ideas, or want to submit your wedding for a future issue, I look forward to sharing in this exciting time with you.

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