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What are the types of wedding dresses?

With your body shape in mind you may choose from the following type of long length skirts for your perfect wedding dress:

  • Ball gown skirt.

  • Straight / column /sheath skirt.

  • A-line skirt.

  • Flared skirt.

  • Trumpet skirt.

  • Mermaid skirt.

    What are the different wedding dress styles?

    Fundamentally there are 6 types of wedding gown style silhouettes :

    • Empire Silhouette. The Empire Line Gown – Empire style is defined by the raised waistline which sits just below the bust from which the rest of the dress flows down to the hem. ...

    • A-line Silhouette. ...

    • Trumpet Silhouette. ...

    • Sheath Silhouette. ...

    • Mermaid Silhouette.

What is an A line wedding dress?

A-Line Wedding Dresses. Flattering for all brides, A line wedding dresses are fitted to the waist and then flow naturally to the floor. The Knot can help you find an aline wedding dress in many different fabrics, including lace, silk, organza, and more.

What is a mermaid style wedding dress?

mermaid wedding dress is characterized by its fitted style, which hugs close to the bride's body. Unlike A-line or ball gown wedding dresses, this style doesn't flare out at the waist. Rather, it flares at or below the knee, creating a mermaid like “tail” that's utterly elegant.

What is a ball gown wedding dress?

Feel like a fairy tale princess on your wedding day with a ball gown wedding dressWedding dresses with ball gown silhouettes often feature fitted tops and full skirts made with tulle. Princess or ball gown wedding dresses look good on most body types as the full skirt flatters all shapes and sizes.

What is a fit and flare wedding dress?

The next dress Brittany describes it the Trumpet wedding dress. ... Designer wedding gowns constructed using the mermaid silhouette are very dramatic. They are snug against your frame until at or below the knee. Then they flare dramatically compared to a trumpet or fit and flare wedding dress.

What is a mermaid style dress?

mermaid dress is a style of evening gown that fits closely to the body through the torso and hips, then "fishtails" out in a flare to the floor. (This is why it's also known as a fishtail dress.

What is a modified A line wedding dress?

Modified A-Line: Fitted on the bodice and hips and gradually flares to the hem, forming an “A” shape. The skirt of a modified A-line dress fits closer to the body than a traditional A-line. Ideal for all body types. ... The cut is between a modified a-line and a mermaid cut.

What is a sheath wedding dress?

Sheath wedding dresses are designed in such way that the seam runs vertically from the shoulders down to the hips. They are meant to flatter the bride's body.Sheath dresses that are made from chiffon are especially a darling of many brides who want to accentuate their figure and appear remarkable.

What is the difference between a mermaid and a siren?

A 'mermaid' was a half human and half fish type of creature. ... Like Mermaids, even sirens used to attract and seduce the sailors with their shrill voices by enchanting and singing different tunes. But, Sirens had wicked and evil intentions behind their motives, They used to drown the sailors into the sea.

What is fit and flare?

Definition of fit and flare. : fitted through the waist and flaring out at or below the hips. … her dynamic fit and flare skirts and dress shapes are sure to be a hit with their movement and effortless cool.

What is a fishtail wedding dress?

Also known as a fishtail, a mermaid wedding dress is closely fitted in the bodice all the way down to the knee, where it dramatically flares out – you'll find that the skirt on gowns described as 'trumpet' or 'fit-and-flare' starts higher up, typically from either the mid-hip or thigh.

What is an empire dress?

Empire silhouette, Empire line, Empire waist or just Empire is a style in clothing in which the dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust, giving a high-waisted appearance, and a gathered skirt which is long and loosely fitting but skims the body rather than being supported by voluminous petticoats.

What is a column dress?

column dress. noun. A slim-fitting dress with a straight narrow shape. column dress. strapless column dress.

What is a trumpet style dress?

The trumpet silhouette is a style of gown that features a gradually-flared skirt and a close-fitting bodice that skims the lines of the body, through the hips. ... Just as the name suggests, the gradual flare of a trumpet dress' skirt resembles the shape of the musical instrument trumpet's bell.


Every bride should strive to achieve their best self when

looking for that special dress.

With so many different body types, wedding dress shopping can be nerve wracking. The first step is to know your body type. Knowing your body type will help you determine what silhouettes will compliment and flatter your figure and which ones you may want to steer away from.


What comes to your mind when you close your eyes and imagine yourself in your wedding dress, the dress that will signify the beginning of the rest of your life with the one you love? Cinderella? Asian inspired? How about Boho or 20th Century chic? For some, picking your wedding dress will be a well calculated endeavor while others may not even know where to start.

Wedding gown shopping — oh, where to begin! For starters, as a bride, you should aim to look like the absolute best version of yourself on your wedding day. And aside from your beaming smile and bridal glow, your dress will be front and center. We all have different body types, which is why it's so important to begin the wedding dress shopping process by understanding the different gown silhouettes — and for which body types they work best. Here’s a quick and easy guide to breakdown the various wedding gown silhouettes! 

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