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Gatti Nolli

Price Range: §5000.00 - §9000.00max

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Gatti Nolli Couture


An ambition has started in 1998 to enter the fashion world to fulfill the dream of every fashionable and chic woman.
Marwan Nasrallah a fashion designer, filled with imagination and a wonderful talent.
His designs are a mixture of calmness, wildness and above all creativity which reflects his personality of bieng confident and ambitious till the end.

"I work tiredly to see the dream of every woman fulfilled" are his words from the heart of Beirut.

His story is that he was fascinated by fashion and following trends since he was a child. Marwan Nasrallah entered the school for fashion in the lat 80's and began to benefit from practical efforts while studying.
He began producing his own fashion show lines after having established his personal mode and private factory in Lebanon, received with high regard by the charting press and the Lebanese society... and like any successful man he begins working in a professional way along with a professional team to enter the big markets like Paris, UK, Italy, Russia, Spain and the Middle East...
and showing his creativity in all over the world and in any exhibition he is ready to fight without harming others in his prestigious designs and wonderful thoughts...

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