Debutante Dresses

debutante dress is a white ball gown, accompanied by white gloves and pearls worn by girls or young women at their debutante cotillion. Debutante cotillions were traditional coming of age celebrations for eligible young ladies ready to be presented to society as ready for marriage. A young lady's gown was regulated by a set of meticulously defined rules which were strictly enforced. These rules varied from monarchy to monarchy and didn't always follow the fashion of the time.

White was the preferred color for her gown, although soft colors such as ivory or eggshell were acceptable as long as they were over a white background.[1] The headdress always included feathers and a veil although the number and size of the feathers varied with the time.

SOME RULES: The proper attire for a debutante is, of course, a white gown with a full skirt. Dresses must be pure white, with no other colors. Off-white or cream is not acceptable. While the dress may be adorned with a few white crystals or lace panels, most debutante ball committees prefer for the dresses to be as plain and traditional as possible.

Choose appropriate accessories to go with the dress. A young debutante should have, at the minimum, a pair of long white gloves and white satin shoes with proper heel height. Proper heel height is determined by the final length of the gown and the height of the debutante.

Guests at the debutante ball should be dressed in their finest formal attire. Women should select a formal gown for the occasion, and men should be dressed in a tuxedo. Black tie is standard.


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The Three in house designers are Estee Couture and Matthew Christopher. Also coming soon Michael De Paulo.

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Styles Available for Debutante: We have selected modest non beaded styles meeting a youthful and age appropriate fashion.


Maggie Sottero 1200.00-1500.00

Champagne/Ivory (Pictured) - Ivory/Ivory - White/White

2dfa6b_1e843212ae7a45a6a660edb40b23eb06_mv2_d_1500_2000_s_2 (1).jpg

Kenneth Winston 1500.00-1900.00 Style 1712

Ivory (Pictured) - White


Kenneth Winston 1800.00-2500.00 Style 1652

Champagne/Ivory Silver (Pictured) - Ivory/Ivory Silver - White/White Silver


Kenneth Winston (ella rosa) 1100.00-1500.00 Style BE470

Ivory (Pictured) - White

2dfa6b_be272de5f261402287384dc4f22eaea6_mv2_d_1500_2000_s_2 (1).jpg

Kenneth Winston (ella rosa) 1100.00-1500.00 Style BE376

Ivory/Silver (Pictured) - White/Silver


Kenneth Winston (gallery) Style GA2280

Ivory (Pictured) - White


Kenneth Winston (gallery) Style GA2287

Ivory (Pictured) - White


Kenneth Winston (ella rosa) 1100.00-1500.00 Style BE306

Ivory/Silver (Pictured) - White/Silver