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Trunk Show exclusive events, describes a one weekend only offer for the listed designer. With the available styles from the designers newly released collection.


JUNE 22ND-24TH, 2018



Award-winning bridal designer Eve Muscio creates all of her gowns using the finest fabrics from different parts of the world and is most widely known for her incomparable designs of embroideries and laces. Her gowns have a unique signature look that fit to perfection no matter what size, “I love all the brides that choose my gowns to feel an absolutely magical experience. I feel proud to be such an important part of their wedding day.”

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JUNE 29TH - JULY 1ST, 2018


The Isabelle Armstrong bridal collection is firmly routed in the belief that each and every wedding dress be imbued with a spirit of romance, sophistication and modernity. Remy Quinones, CEO, Founder and Creative Director, believes that a wedding dress is not just something that is beautiful on it’s own. It takes the right bride in the right dress to make that moment truly magic.



Trunk Show: 


Master Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist Providing Beauty Solutions To Create A lasting Impact on Location... Weekend Event Only!

June 1st - 3rd, 2018

June 8th - 10th, 2018

June 15th -17th, 2018

June 29th - July 1st, 2018



Native of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands; Phillip Krane Bernier is an Award Winning Cosmetology Instructor, Master Hair Stylist, and Makeup Artist. His artistic flair, combined with the skillful use of color, transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. As a Beauty Motivator, Phillip has developed an eye for excellence and a focus to provide solutions that Equip, Empower, and Inspire. His innovative approach ranges from the fresh and natural, to the abstract and exotic.





Creative director Estee Yao is a bridal and evening couture designer, who has mastered the art of creating luxury dresses during the course of her career. Estee has been the light and talent behind successes for top couture projects and design houses- including the likes of Max Azria Atelier (BCBG) and Richard Tylor.


       Estee’ Couture bridal gowns capture the essence of sophisticated luxury by provoking femininity, allure and glamour, making her brides feel ultra feminine and undeniably chic. Estee appreciates that bridal gowns can be whimsical and playful. Featuring light weight silk fabrics, French tulles and laces, these wedding gowns are delicate and ethereal. They are perfect for the modern bride who is not only fashion aware, but also, a timeless beauty. The designer's focus on movement and flow result in a collection of bridal gowns that are truly unique, unforgettable and effortless.

Adam Zohar with Agnes.jpg

Adam Zohar



Adam is an international innovative designer and leader in designing bridal and evening gowns that exude femininity and elegance which create chic.

The use of unexpected materials, remarkable creativity plentiful designs and unconventional cuts, along with attention to details.


When passion and talent unite together ,  the opportunity to create a world full of design with which you can make any dream possible presents itself. For me every bride is a world in and of itself. Every bride comes with one dream, that on the happiest day of her life someone will be there to make her unique fantasy a reality.

The shared and personal  process is what inspires me to give every dress its special qualities, highlighting every bride personally. This is why every dress that comes out of my studio is unique and full of inspiration.


Adam Zohar.

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