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It all started when…

Panache Bridal Is a California based Bridal Company, In 2012 the Owners decide to met the need for demand form our customers and took the leap in opening multiple locations across southern California, providing locations to our California customer in Beverly Hills , Pasadena , Costa mesa ,and reaching to our brides in Santa Barbara.

Our first location located in Pasadena, California, in the metropolis called old town and housed inside of one of the oldest and historical held buildings, creating a permanence that can with stand the change of time. the building original construction was in 1890 and name "The Hotel Green" later changed to "Castle Green", and line the oldest parade route since 1920 held by the tournament of roses. The Panache Bridal in Pasadena being were it all began.  

In 2015 took an even bigger leap and opened a location in the heart of New York city, New York in the largest bridal niche in the country. Building the greatest bridal millennial across the country. 

Panache Bridal is excited to announce that "coming soon" our bridal company will be releasing it" own designer couture line exclusive to our Panache Bridal Brand. Check in with us to see more details as to its release.

Our Panache bridal Stores have always been know for carrying the the largest selection of gowns available with a selection the surpasses the competitor. Working toward providing each and every bridal customer the best customer service while shopping with us. All of our location provided a clean and friendly atmosphere with bridal stylist that keep in-hand with the changing world of bridal styles and couture looks.

Panache Bridal Home PANACHE BRIDAL