A sophisticated collection that embodies an artist’s vision, the hallmark of ANGELEI's™ designs includes sculptural shapes, gorgeous colors and fabrics, and handcrafted stunning details. These aesthetic elements bring to life the brand’s one-of-a-kind designs, inspired by the individuality of an ANGELEI™ woman. Each masterpiece mirrors the shape of a hand-made piece of elegant jewelry.

ANGELEI™ is built around elaborate and enticing narratives, a philanthropic importance to each of our lines and the conscientious efforts to bring sustainability into the brand. We are mindful of the impact we may have on our fragile planet and therefore actively manage the sourcing of materials and production to reduce waste; focus on limited quantities and custom runs to design a shoe as unique as our client and create recycled packaging.

ANGELEI's™ message is authentic, sent as an invitation to the unapologetically beautiful woman who has grown tired of mass-produced luxury shoes. ANGELEI™ designs aren’t trendy but instead flattering… timeless and completely hand-made, so no two are exactly the same. An ANGELEI™ woman exudes confidence in expressing the beauty of individuality.

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