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At Panache Bridals, our designers create custom wedding dresses and evening gowns. Be sure to let us know if this is your first time!

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Our three locations vary in designers that we carry which will affect the starting prices for wedding dresses.

Starting price at Beverly Hills: $4000.
Starting price at Costa Mesa: $2300.
Starting price at Pasadena : $1950.
Starting price at Warehouse: $599.

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At Panache Bridals, our designers create custom wedding dresses and evening gowns. Please select one or multiple options.

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Tell us when your event date is. Know that creating a dress takes a lot of care so we recommend deciding on a dress at least 6-8 months before a wedding.

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What is your vision?

Whether you've been looking at dress designers, or you have a certain look you want to achieve, you may have an idea that will help us start tailoring your unique vibe.

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