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Trunk shows exclusive events describes a one weekend only offer for the listed designer. With the available style from the designers newly released collection.

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April 20th-22nd, 2018

rosa clara 2018 collection. 

Unique wedding dress designs created in our workshop that tread the fine line between fantasy and reality to emphasise the female figure in all its splendour. Their ethereal silhouettes and diaphanous fabrics evoke subtle, elegant femininity.


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 April 20th-22nd ,2018

matthew christopher


Matthew Christopher Sobaski is an American fashion designer mostly known for bridal wear. He is the owner and the CEO of a couture fashion house in New York City. Christopher's designs for gowns are featured in movies including The Wedding Ringer with Kaley Cuoco.[4] Christopher's list of clientele includes Kristin Chenoweth,[1] Carli Lloyd,[5] Julie Lake,[6] and Debra Messing.[1] Several of Christopher's couture gowns and wedding dresses were covered in the January 2016 edition of Vanity Fair in a featured article. He makes a cameo in the documentary He Lied About Everything as the custome designer of Benita Alexander's dress. [7] His gowns have also appeared in the Broadway adaptation of Honeymoon in Vegas[8] and on the TV show Say Yes to the Dress.[9]


 April 27th-29nd ,2018


Adam is an international innovative designer and leader in designing bridal and evening gowns that exude femininity and elegance which create chic.

The use of unexpected materials, remarkable creativity plentiful designs and unconventional cuts, along with attention to details.


When passion and talent unite together ,  the opportunity to create a world full of design with which you can make any dream possible presents itself. For me every bride is a world in and of itself. Every bride comes with one dream, that on the happiest day of her life someone will be there to make her unique fantasy a reality.

The shared and personal  process is what inspires me to give every dress its special qualities, highlighting every bride personally. This is why every dress that comes out of my studio is unique and full of inspiration.



Adam Zohar.

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